3 Reasons Why Good Air Quality at Home is Equal to Happiness

As urbanization continues to expand to almost every habitable place on earth, pollution seems to ride on its coattails. According to a report released by the American Lung Association, almost half of the U.S. population lives in parts where air pollution levels are often perilously high for comfort.

The “State of the Air” report finds 47 percent of Americans live in counties with frequently unhealthy levels of either ozone or particulate pollution. This fact is alarming on its own. You could just imagine what is actually in the air you breathe day by day. Taking this into consideration, your living conditions have a direct effect on your health for the most part. Subsequently, this affects your career and your relationships.

This is why it is important to know how good air quality not only saves you from notorious illnesses that come with polluted air, but it also brings an exclamation point to the level of happiness in your life.

It Breeds a Relaxing Ambience

Imagine yourself having a stressful job and having to come home to a house that offers nothing but more stress. The dust on your walls speaks of the mess that your life is right now, and the smell of your room instigates something sinister. Wouldn’t it be much more fun to come back home to a place that smells of rest and relaxation, wherein you can spend your time meditating and resting your mind after a hard day’s work?

Ever wonder why monks meditate in areas where nature meets the eye? Not only is a green environment soothing to the soul. It is also a healthy way to breathe in fresh air. Emulating that fresh environment in your home can just boost your mental fortitude and recharge your mind for another excruciating workday. Professionals suggest organization of clutter at home complemented by the best air purifier money can buy area the first few steps to achieve that Zen you want for your home.

A home where you can lift your spirit right back up is essential for your happiness. It may seem trivial to consider something that you feel deep within your soul when you think of home. There is no way to scientifically measure spiritual atmosphere, but you can definitely do things to actually achieve that calm environment.

Creates Good Working Atmosphere

There is a reason why even at work, good air quality needs to be sustained. Indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace is the subject of much attention these days, and for good reason. The air quality of the indoor environment can profoundly affect the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants. Although serious health problems related to IAQ are rare, the perception of endangered health is increasingly common among building occupants.

There are times that works “follows” you at home. It is inevitable, and it’s alright. Having good air quality in the house is a good promoter of productivity and energy as you follow through with your professional responsibilities at home. Bringing work at home follows the same logic, and getting that much deserved quality air makes the difference.

Induces Better Socialization

Imagine yourself finally back home from work and begin telling your roommate, your wife, your brother or your parents about your day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a wisp of dust and pollen begins to circulate the house. You wouldn’t even bother opening your mouth to say anything since you’re more likely to be irritated by these possible allergens.

Good air quality is indeed an agent for good communication and socialization at home, especially when you live together with good company. You know for a fact that pollutants in the air can actually cause harder breathing and an unhealthy space. An unhealthy space eventually can make it harder for you to get comfortable and be at ease with people around you. Thus, improving air quality makes socialization much easier, since you are more relaxed and recharged every bonding moment.