The 6 Best Upgrades Your Home Deserves

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough space for your necessary appliances? Do you ever wonder if there’s a stain-proof couch available in the market? Have you ever even thought that there could be temperature-adapting sheets that you can use for a better night’s sleep? Fret not, for here are six of the best gadgets to improve your home that you never thought existed but your home desperately deserves.

All-in One Toasters

With multi-purpose toasters, you can definitely save space and money. A step towards improving your home means that you consider your budget, functionality and overall home convenience with the things you buy for the house. The perfect example is the Cuisinart CSO-300. It is a steam oven, conventional oven and a toaster all in one. Practically any meal can be done just by changing its setting. You can make anything from your regular toast and fancy cake, to a festive chicken meal!

Temperature-changing Sheets

Temperature swings in your sleeping environment can be the main causes of sleep disturbance. More often than not, you need to adjust the temperature with your air conditioner just to get a better night’s sleep. Using space-age technology, temperature changing sheets are born. Like the one that’s developed by NASA: Outlast Sheets contain tiny capsules that absorb heat when you get hot and release it when you get cold. Outlast technology is proactive, continuously absorbing excess body heat, and releasing it to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Air Purifiers

You can never be too sure if your indoor air is clean or not. Especially for families that suffer from allergens, an air purifier could be a good upgrade for the betterment of your family. Dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can pose a risk to health. As such, your home deserves to have air purifier to make your life healthier and more comfortable. You can pick out the best air purifier for allergies out there in the market, and you can easily make your indoor air much cleaner and free from all the unseen microbes that can desolate your home.

Showerstart Technologies

During your shower thoughts, has it ever occurred to you how much water you waste because the initial water that comes out of your shower isn’t hot yet? Well, Evolve Technologies’ Ladybug adapter with ShowerStart technology is the answer to your problem. This adapter pauses the water flow until the temperature reaches 95 °F, giving you a much more comfortable moment at the shower. This clever innovation conveniently saves the water and energy used while waiting for the shower to become comfortably warm: using a small thermostatic shut-off valve (TSV) it saves the resources most don’t even realize they’re wasting. Better still, conservation occurs without changing shower feel, flow or even your morning routine.

Wireless Air Conditioning Controls

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your air conditioner turn on as you walk in a room, and turn off when you leave? Tado Cooling has invented a wireless device which mounts onto your wall and connects to your smartphone. Using infrared technology, the device controls your existing A/C system remotely right from your phone. It also offers some impressive features and uses geofence to reduce power wastage by turning off the A/C in unoccupied rooms.

Stain-proof Couches

Cleaning the couch is one hell of a task. When you eat on the couch, which people have come to normally do, you actually have to be really careful because stains are really hard to deal with when you do make that one messy slip. However, Couch by Calico has invented a truly revolutionary furniture technology: they have come up with a technology wherein every fibre of their couch’s fabric has been coated with stain repellent technology, making it virtually spill-proof. No more stressing about the kids spilling drinks or dogs leaving paw prints.