4 ways to make your home office more efficient

Working in the comfort of your home comes with a lot of perks. Aside from being able to work without having to go through the usual rush of commuters, or being able to swap that coat or skirt for a comfy shirt instead, opting for this alternative career set-up can give you your much deserved freedom.

From time management to office attire, this freedom also allows you to be the master of the aesthetics of your “office” – decorate and be creative with the design of your home office according to your preferences.

However, the downside of working from home is the amount of time that may be wasted due to the temptation for unproductivity. You might be less productive when you work home-based just because time seems to slip unnoticed when you are too comfortable at home. It may also be due to the setup of your work area.

When you have a messy desk, chances are it subconsciously affects you and your ideas, as it may become cluttered as well. Also, having a disorganized home office could give you more distractions and mind-blocks to brand new ideas when making critical decisions.

To address this professional hurdle, below are tips on how to work at home more efficiently and productively.

Take a specific place

The initial step to an efficient home office is to find a spot in your home workstation that is exclusively yours where you can work peacefully, like a personal space. Working in the living room or the garden is not really advisable as you might be exposed to a lot of distractions. You should set your office to a place that is away from the television, family computer, game consoles, and other things that might get you distracted while working.

Maintaining the boundary between your personal life and professional responsibilities while working from home means you need to keep your workspace as different as possible from any other rooms. It can have a psychological effect that may help you differentiate work and play while you’re actually at work.

Customize your office according to your taste

Since your home now becomes your own office and work area, you can personalize it the way you want so you feel comfortable working in that place. For instance, more than just a wooden chair and your old study table, you should consider getting a cushioned office chair especially when you find the need to work for longer hours.

Also, desk with good lighting may be in order. Instead of just having a study lamp, try to get a couple of lighting fixtures that is bright enough when you need to read, write, or draw sketches.

Set working hours

For you to be able to maximize your time working at a home office, you need to set your working hours and follow it strictly. You might want to work for 8 hours from 9am to 6 pm setting 12 noon to 1 pm as your lunch break. Similarly, you might want to shorten it from 9 am to 3 pm if you think you are efficient enough.

It does not stop there. Setting your working hours is pointless if you cannot maintain and would not follow it at all. See to it that during the time frame that you set, you are in your chair productively working. Sooner or later, you can get used to your schedule if you just follow the rules that you set for yourself.

Keep your facilities updated and reliable

Working from home, you have to be assured that your work equipment won’t let you down when you are in the hype of working. Experiencing frequent technical errors or disturbances could destroy your momentum and your drive. Make sure that you always update your devices such as your computer, printer, and internet connection.
Also, update your software and OS, conduct regular maintenance works and always keep important files backed up whether on an external hard drive or in cloud storage.