14 DIY Ways to Decorate Your Home for Cheap

Everybody loves a well-decorated home. It is just satisfying to have a cozy and positive ambiance just by looking at the home décor. Whether you love the minimalist design, the basic ones or even extravagant ones, you’d want decor around your home especially to boost your mood after a long stressful work day.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford good decor. It’s mostly because the majority of the aesthetically exquisite decorations are quite expensive. Then again, some of them can go quite cheap if you know where to look. But you can create the decor yourself, and it can provide a more frugal approach to home designs.

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive ways to decorate your house, you’re in the right place. Here are some great ideas to decorate your home without breaking the bank. While they might take a little bit more work, the results can definitely be worth it.


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However, if decorations are a must, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are usually the best solutions. Doing it this way can slash off a lot of the expenses in exchange for the extra effort. Most of the tips in here rely on this foundation, so it is important for you to understand right now that going DIY could net you the most mileage in terms of decorating your home in the most frugal manner.

  1. Create a Side Table

Stack modular storage units to make a stepped side table with surfaces for displays and lighting. You can find them cheap even through Amazon. Create miniature still-life decors in the cubbies, or stack reading material.

  1. Hang Canvases in Drab Rooms

Hanging canvases painted with interior latex paint could brighten blank walls. The canvases should fill much of the wall as they can make the bland, blank spaces into livelier, more creative rooms.

  1. Hang Plates Around The House

It’s not a bad idea to hang plates as part of your decor. Plates in unexpected colors make a fresh wall arrangement. Vary hues, sizes, textures. Put the most dramatic plate toward the center (lay out the plates first to experiment), then attach wire plate hangers and hang plates on picture nails.

  1. Decorate with Glassware

A mix of old and new glassware can brighten up white shelves, including green hand-blown wine glasses that add a pop of color to the bare areas. You can purchase new glassware in department stores or online for the lowest prices.

  1. Lighten Up Your Home with Wicker

Inexpensive wicker that looks as if it belongs outdoors changes the mood of any room. These plaited or woven willow twigs can make fancy furniture and baskets that serve as inexpensive and creative décor for your home. Put them together with chairs in a sunny corner of their own or mix them with your upholstered pieces to create a rustic effect.

  1. Label Your Canisters with Good Font

Put an end to kitchen-counter confusion. Use chalkboard paint or decals to create labels on glass canisters. Be creative with your choice of font style and size, and even the material you’re going to use for labeling! You’d always know whether you’re scooping salt or sugar. Plus, you can erase and change the wording whenever you like.

  1. Print Your Own Art

If you think that paintings are too expensive for you, think again. You can print out a copy of a piece of art and enclose them in glass or wood frames. Even photocopied art looks sophisticated when it floats between two pieces of glass. Also, if you match the color scheme of the painting with the color of your wall, the painting (or even the wall itself) may seem to float in a stunning spectacle.

  1. Mason Jar Magic

Take a mason jar, baby food jar, jam jar or any kind of jar, clean it out and take off any labels. Next, you need either some glow in the dark paint (if you want your creation to last) or a glow stick.

If you choose the glow stick, you need to do this right before you are going to use them. Give the glow stick a good crack so the liquids can mix, then cut it open. All you need to do now is fill the jars with the liquid. You can flick, spray, splatter or dab the liquid into your jar. As long as you’re happy with your technique, it really doesn’t matter.

If you’re using glow in the dark paint then the idea is just the same for getting the paint on the inside of the jar. The only other thing you might want to do is leave your jar to dry properly and let the paint charge. Voila! You have now created your own jar of tiny fireflies, perfect for making any garden look magical all year round.

  1.  Another Mason Jar Trick: Make a Jar of Stars

Turn those empty jars into illuminating conversation pieces. Fill a glass jug with battery-powered Christmas lights to fashion a tricked-out table lamp. Throw some dainty, battery-powered wire fairy lights into your jar for another amazing starry night effect. This one looks great indoors as well as outdoors.

You can also try to put battery powered tea lights into a jar or bottle. Battery tea lights are great for using outside as most have timers, meaning you don’t have to remember to turn them off. Just cover the inside of your jar with glitter, and once a flickering tea light has been placed in the bottom, the glitter really comes to life. It is a classy way to add some sparkle on a winter night. These creations are perfect for placing on tables, lighting up the garden or hanging from trees.

  1. Go Natural

Use shells and other beach bounty to warm up a kitchen, an entryway, or a stairwell by creating a rustic, relaxed display. While some décor like this could cost a little from department stores and craft stores, they are always free when you get them from nature.

  1. Paint the Ceiling

What most people take for granted when designing a home is painting the ceiling. Though most people default to white paint overhead, putting color on your ceiling can give your home an interesting atmosphere starting from the top. Gray-blues, lavenders, and buttery yellows draw the eye up without being too brash.


  1. Hang a Gallery of Photos

Browse through your photo albums for your best shots (pick a theme: weddings, birthday parties, vacations) and put them in identical frames. You can also use your virtual photos from your smartphone or your social media accounts. Choose a good color scheme or just go monochromatic, then print them out. Hang them in a tight grid or a long line. You can’t go wrong as long as you stick to a geometric arrangement.

  1. Bring in Shades of Colors

Colored lamp shades can make a bold statement. Limit the colors to one per room, and select other lamp shades in neutral tones, such as parchment and white.

  1. Stack Your Books

Piled books draw the eye. If shelves aren’t high enough or deep enough to accommodate oversized books, stack them on a flat surface, such as a bench or an end table.